MDLA Statement of Purpose

The general purpose for which this corporation is organized shall be to uphold and advance the dignity, honor and efficiency of those engaged as operators of dental laboratories; to advance their standards of service to the dental profession, and to establish cooperation among its members, as follows:
  1. By promoting and fostering strict adherence to all laws, Federal and State, and municipal ordinances, and to foster and promote new laws whenever they appear necessary in the interest of dentistry, the dental laboratory industry, and dental technicians.
  2. By fostering and promoting education of dental technicians in prosthetic technique, art and science.
  3. By representing the members of the Association before governmental decrees, orders, rules, regulations and Court decisions applicable to its members.
  4. By engaging in research relative to the technical and business interests of the members.
  5. By friendly cooperation with the dental profession and conducting the affairs of the Association in business with such lofty purposes and in such ethical and reputable manner as to reflect credit upon the Association and its members and the Association with the dental profession.

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