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After four years of meetings with the Minnesota Dental Association, the Minnesota Board of Dentistry, countless State Senators and Representatives, SF 288, or the legal name; An act relating to health: regulating dental laboratories: setting certain fees: appropriating money: proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statures chapter 150A, was signed into law on May 2, 2012 by Governor Mark Dayton.

What does the law state and how do we follow the statute? Effective January 1, 2013, all laboratories physically located in Minnesota must register with the Minnesota Board of Dentistry. Labs must provide the following information: business name of the laboratory, physical address of laboratory, name of the owner, telephone number and email address. If your lab is a Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL), DAMAS or ISO certified you may include that information and it will be posted on the Board of Dentistry website. It will be the responsibility of the laboratory to inform the Board of Dentistry of any changes in name, address, etc.

In addition all labs, regardless if they are located in Minnesota or not, must provide material content of the restoration to the doctor to be placed in the patient chart. All labs must also disclose “country of origin” where the technological work was performed in whole or in part, and the information on who manufactured the prosthetic.

Labs will also have to state if FDA compliant materials were used in the restorations.

It will be the responsibility of the dentist to obtain this information if they use an out of the state laboratory.
One other addition, laboratories will now be able to accept prescriptions from dentists handwritten, faxed or sent electronically. Believe it or not, the current law states “handwritten” only.

The initial registration fee will be $50.00 for the first two years, and $25.00 every two years following.

You may download a copy of the bill by clicking the link below.

Thank you to all the MDLA members instrumental in bringing this legislation to fruition, and to our fine legislative authors that worked so hard on our behalf.

Gary Iocco, MDLA President

Copy of SF 288

Minnesota Statute 150A.21

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